What is an suitable work visa is Singapore for professionals?

An suitable work visa is Singapore for professionals Employment Pass (EP)

An Employment Pass or EP is a Singapore work visa issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to foreign professional employees, managers, and owners or directors of Singaporean companies. This work visa allows you to live and work in Singapore, as well as travel in and out of the country without having to apply for entry visas.

Singapore Work Visa » Singapore Employment Pass

Singapore has a work visa scheme for hiring professional foreign employees called Employment Pass.

Singapore Employment Pass is for all experienced foreign professionals and well-educated PMETs. Singapore Employment Pass suits both foreign staff and company directors. We help the companies and individuals in accessing the eligibility for Employment Pass and accordingly follow the rules and regulations for the required paper work in order to process the Employment Pass.

Eligible applicants must have good educational qualifications and possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the Singapore. There is no quota system limiting the number of Employment Pass visas under this scheme. Each application is assessed based on the qualifications of the applicant and the employing company. This type of employment permit is normally issued for one-year period initially and renewable thereafter.

Singapore Employment Pass

Singapore Employment Pass Eligibility

In order to apply for Employment Pass under the employment for professionals’ scheme, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • No criminal records or security objections.
  • Valid Job offer in Singapore.
  • Work as manager, executive or specialized job.
  • Minimum fixed monthly salary of $3,600.
  • Acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialist skills.



Singapore Employment Pass Application and Issue Fees

Employment Pass Application Fees

  • S$105 – Application Fee
  • S$225 – Issuance Fee
  • S$30 – Multiple Journey visa (if applicable)



Required Documents for Singapore Employment Pass
  • Completed Employment Pass Application Form 8
  • A copy of Singapore identity card (if any)
  • Passport Copy
  • Education Certificates & Transcripts
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates

Indian Nationals: Transcripts & Mark sheets
China Nationals: Certificate of graduation for diploma or higher &
Verification proof of this certificate – Don’t need English translation
The China Higher Education Student Information job portal or
The China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Information.



Employment Process

Singapore Work Pass

What is Jobs Bank?

Employers have to advertise job vacancies on government jobs bank portal for at least 14 days before they apply to hire an Employment Pass (EP) holder from 1st August 2014. Free service provided to all Singapore-registered companies and local job seekers. However, only registered authorized user can access.

Who can sponsor Employment Pass?

Only established Singapore company whose strong financial to pay this foreign employee’s salary. Company who genuinely made an attempt to hire local posting the relevant job posting in government public job site JOBS BANK be advertised for at least 2 weeks to ensure that the Singaporeans are given a chance to be considered for this job before the employer prefers a foreign talent.

Visa Assessment Consultation Form

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Why Toss-Ex Immigration Service?

Application processed based on Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) guidelines, documents filed meets the criteria.
Expert Immigration Consultants analysis each applicant’s documents.
Follow best practices in filing documents to maximize the chances of favorable outcome.
Adhere stringent visa application filing procedures. Customized solutions to individual needs.
Every application has professional attention with the updated immigration and ministry of manpower policies.

Our Employment Pass Application Practices:

* Consultation & Employment Pass Application Assessment.
* Document Verification & Filing of Employment Pass Application.
* Liaising with MOM officer and Coordinate when required
* Assist in appeal it the application rejected
* Tracking Employment Pass Application & In-Principal Approval Notification.
* Issuance & MOM Appointment booking.
* Collection of Pass.

It is an in-house process that assesses to verify the required documentation to qualify for an Employment or S Pass based on the information you provide. Includes Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Education Certificates, Transcripts, other requirements.

It does not guarantee but gives you peace of mind your application given at-most care and attention by the attended professional.

Proven Track Record :
We file only the application is 100 % meet the requirement for approval. No compromise on quality.

Only-Win Situation :
Stringent methodology to analyse both company and applicant’s eligibility verified by MOM’s (SAT) before we process.

We guarantee you honest and straight forward process throughout.


Do you help in processing or applying for an EP?

Toss-EX’s immigration consultant is MOM certified professional assisting you in processing your Employment Pass application.

How to process or applying for an Employment Pass (EP)?

There are two ways to file your Employment Pass application: Online through EP online (EPOL) or Manual application

EP online (EPOL) :
Singapore employing company who has registered EP online account and the processing time is 3 weeks or more

Manual application :
Singapore employing company may also submit a manual application and the processing time is 8 weeks or more

The processing time of your application depends on several factors, such as the credentials of the employing Singapore company, the qualifications of the applicant, and the availability of supporting documents.

Who can process or applying an Employment Pass (EP)?

Singapore employing company or authorized third party for employing company.

Toss-Ex Pte Ltd (Licence No.11C5095) is Ministry of Manpower (MOM) licensed company can process all work pass behalf of the client as third party for employing company. Offers inbound Immigration, Singapore Visa Services for Global companies.

How to check Employment Pass (EP) online?

You can check the status of Employment Pass (EP) online: –
Click her the check EP Status

What are the stages of Employment Pass (EP) process?

1. Application Process

2. Issue Pass

3. MOM Appointment